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ASERT Does Not Offer Crisis Services

If you or someone you love is experiencing mental health distress or thoughts of suicide please call or text 988 for support.

Category: Community Engagement

Guidance Concerning Air Travelers with Developmental Disabilities

This document is a guide to the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) with respect to passengers with developmental disabilities. It serves as a brief but authoritative source of information for passengers with developmental disabilities as well as airlines about the services, facilities, and accommodations required by the ACAA and the provisions of Part 382.

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How to Choose a College

This resource, developed by ASERT for ASDNext, provides tips for autistic individuals who may be considering attending college. The resource offers questions to consider when making the decision, and why it's important to consider these questions when choosing a college.

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How to Join a Group Social Story

This social story developed by ASERT explains how to join a group of people.

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How to Register to Vote

This resource provides a a step-by step guide for individuals with autism and intellectual disabilities on how to register to vote.

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How to Support Autistic Guests Visiting National Parks

Our National Parks are as diverse and unique as the people who come to visit them. Regardless of which National Park guests are visiting, the goal is to have all guests enjoy the beauty and wonder of the park in a safe, inclusive environment. This resource was created with support and reviewed by individuals on the spectrum.

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I’m Vaccinated, Now What? Social Stories

These social stories are a visual resource providing information for individuals about what they can do once they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

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Library Resource Collection

This collection of resources, developed by ASERT, provides information for library staff on how to support individuals with autism as well as social stories that can be used with individuals to prepare them for visiting the library.

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Maintaining an Autism Support/Self-Advocacy Group

This resource was developed by ASERT to help those running a support or self-advocacy group in maintaining the group.

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Online Dating Social Story

This resource developed by ASERT explains different problems and safety concerns you can experience while online dating and how to avoid them.

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Online Readiness Checklist

This resource, developed by ASERT and the Department of Human Services, provides a checklist to assess a person's readiness to participate in online communities.

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