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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health and Safety Guide

ASERT has compiled resources for those with autism and those who care for people with autism relating to the current COVID-19 outbreak.

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Category: Daily Living Skills

Community Involvement

The experiences we have within our community are as important as our experiences in the privacy of our homes. Being engaged in the community makes us feel connected and safe. People with Autism gain much from community involvement. They also play an important role in enriching communities by adding to diversity within communities. Consider the strategies below in supporting community involvement and teaching the relationship-building skills necessary to engage with neighbors, businesses, service providers, faith-based organizations, and outlets for leisure activities. Interview the person you support and map a plan together for community involvement.

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Conflict Resolution

Conflict can happen when people start to disagree or feel hurt because of something another person did. Sometimes people see things different ways or want something to change. If conflict is handled poorly, things can get worse. If handled correctly, people will start to feel better and relationships can grow stronger. This resource includes tips to help handle conflict.

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Creating a Daily Schedule: A Guide for Parents

This resource was developed by ASERT to help parents create a daily schedule with their family.

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Developing a Budget

This resource provides information for individuals with autism on the importance of developing a budget and steps to create one for themselves.

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Drive it Home

Designed by parents of teen drivers, DriveitHOME ™ offers a variety of helpful resources you can use to help your teen get the experience they need behind the wheel to become safer, more experienced drivers.

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Driving and Asperger’s: Balancing Independence and Safety

This video from Asperger/Autism Network reviews current knowledge on driving with Aspergers.

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Election Day Survival Toolkit

Voters with disabilities need to be prepared for any challenges they may face. This Survival Kit will provide you with the information you might need to cast your vote and have it counted.

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Encouraging Independence

This resource provides information for direct support staff on how they can encourage the individuals with autism they support to be more independent in their lives.

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Everyday Lives

People with disabilities have a right to an everyday life; a life that is no different than that of all other citizens. This continues to be the truest statement on which we can build our work.

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Everyone Votes PA

Under the leadership of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, the Pennsylvania Department of State promotes the integrity of the electoral process, provides the initial infrastructure for economic development through corporate organizations and transactions, and protects the health and safety of the public.

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