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Art of Friendship Seminar: How to Provide Neurodiverse Children with Compassionate Social Coaching for Social Miscues and Challenging Emotions

Hosted by the Art of Friendship.

A FREE live workshop empowering parents, educators, and professionals to help children socialize, cope, and thrive. In-person AND virtual remote attendance options.

Children with autism, ADHD, and learning differences are often misunderstood and receive controlling or punitive corrections for behaviors that are not motivated by bad intentions. Neurodivergent social challenges are usually caused by misunderstanding social cues or unwritten social rules/expectations or overwhelming emotions.

Discover how to coach compassionately and effectively social miscues or misunderstandings by using questions and not corrections. You’ll learn problem-solving scripts that simultaneously honors the child’s uniqueness, gets them thinking about ways to engage with the world more successfully, and cope with feelings.

CEC’s are not available for this event. Free of charge but by registration/RSVP only. Email candice@childandfamilyarttherapycenter.com to register for the in-person event. 

Presenter Mike Fogel is a board-certified art therapist and licensed professional counselor who treats a wide range of childhood emotional-behavioral challenges. Since 1995, Mike cultivated a specialty treating neuro-diverse children with autism, ADHD, and learning differences. 

Upcoming Dates

  • Friday, March 8, 2024, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm


Paoli, PA

250 W. Lancaster Avenue, Suite 255
Paoli, PA 19301