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Sistah Scifi graphic novel club discussion

About this event

The Sistah Scifi Graphic Novel club will discuss recently released and classic graphic novels and comic books centered on people of color.

** Black Star*

Stranded on an alien planet, two astronauts must battle deadly elements and each other to recover a reserve shuttle built for one


Black Star is a debut graphic novel by Eric Anthony Glover, based on his original unproduced screenplay, and illustrated by Arielle Jovellanos. In the future, interstellar travel is past its prime and sending shuttles beyond our solar system—even for vital scientific research—is a life-threatening gamble. However, in order to retrieve samples of an alien flower that may hold the key to saving countless lives, Harper North and her crew of scientists must journey to Eleos, a dangerous planet in deep space.

But as they approach Eleos, their ship is caught in an asteroid storm and as it hurtles towards the surface, its reserve shuttle detaches, landing over 100 kilometers away. When the rest of the crew perishes in the burning wreckage of the ship, North races towards the rescue shuttle built for one, hoping to fulfill their mission and survive.

But North isn’t alone: The team’s wilderness expert is still alive and hell-bent on hunting North down and claiming the shuttle for herself.

Now, North has no choice but to reach the shuttle first—and fast. The fuel is leaking. Her GPS battery is dying. And the planet’s deadly seasonal change is coming. As she battles the flora and fauna and tries to elude her ruthless former crew mate, North will find the cost of survival is dear . . . Will she be willing to pay that price?

** About the organizers **

Erika Hardison is a a journalist, content creator and publisher located in New York City tri-state area. She created Fabulize.mag lifestyle – an print and digital platform for blerd womanists that appreciate art, beauty, culture, and style.

Isis Asare is a serial entrepreneur , lover of community, yoga, and all things Black culture. You can catch her on the internet or whereever Black folks gather.

**About Sistah Scifi**

Sistah Scifi is the first Black owned book store focused on scifi and fantasy casting spells to uplift work by Black and Native American women. Lean more at www.sistahscifi.com

Upcoming Dates

  • Saturday, September 24, 2022, 7:00 - 8:30 pm