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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health and Safety Guide

ASERT has compiled resources for those with autism and those who care for people with autism relating to the current COVID-19 outbreak.

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Lifespan Autism iNstruction, Training, Education, and Resource Navigation

The icon for PAAutism.org's LANTERN project shows a circle in which the top half is filled with illustrated paper lanterns and the bottom half shows an illustrated computer with a user's hand pushing a button.LANTERN allows you to filter the thousands of resources on PAAutism.org to help find exactly the information you need. The resources are grouped by the type of help they provide and who you are.

We provide information for:

  • Individuals with autism
  • Family members
  • General awareness/information: professionals who need a general awareness of autism, are not providing individual service, and are neither shaping behavior nor teaching skills
  • Infrequent contact: professionals who have infrequent contact with individuals with autism or provide direct targeted contact, need situational/specific knowledge, provide goods/service with an outcome, but who are neither shaping behavior nor teaching skills
  • Frequent contact : professionals who have ongoing/frequent contact with individuals with autism, provide primarily direct contact, need practical knowledge and are shaping behavior and teaching skills
  • Specialist: professionals who are specialists with frequent contact with individuals with autism and who have a high impact, provide direct or indirect service, need advanced knowledge, and are directly or indirectly shaping behavior and teaching skills

Download the entire LANTERN guide here

You may also use the interactive search below to more easily find resources that will best help you.

*Please note: The interactive guide is a “work in progress”, as ASERT is continuing to update and refine the search features over the coming weeks to improve functionality for users. During this time the interactive guide will still be functional but may look different and/or you may notice changes in some categories.  If you prefer while changes are being made, you can continue using the PDF printable version to search resources using the link above. 

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