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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health and Safety Guide

ASERT has put together some resources for those with autism and those who care for people with autism relating to the current Coronavirus outbreak.

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Life Tools Domain: Healthy Living

Accompanying an Individual to the Doctor

This resource was created with the goal of providing tips and information that may be useful when accompanying an individual to the doctor.

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Applying for Medicaid for a Child with a Disability: PH-95 Category

You can apply for Medicaid in many ways in Pennsylvania. The PH-95 Category is one way. This resource provides information for families on how to apply using the PH-95 category for children under teh age of 18, with disabilities.

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Autism & Sexuality

This video recording of Dr. Peter Gerhardt's keynote presentation "Sexuality & Sexuality Instruction with Learners with ASD: What Behavior Analysts and Others Need to Know" provides an overview of the issues people with autism face regarding sexuality.

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Be Safe Resource Collection

This is a collection of resources from various sources on the topic of safety for individuals with autism. This resource provides information on how to prevent harm and intervention techniques for when safety is compromised.

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Be Safe: Abusive Behaviors Social Story

These resources, part of the Be Safe resource collection,are social stories that provides information for individuals with autism on what are abusive behaviors, including physical abuse.

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Be Safe: Explaining Sex and Sexual Behaviors Social Story

This resource, part of the Be Safe resource collection focused on the prevention of sexual abuse and assault, explains sex and different sexual behaviors for individuals in a visual format.

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Be Safe: Flashbacks and Intrusive Thoughts Social Story

This resource, part of the Be Safe collection, is a social story for individuals with autism that explains flashbacks and intrusive thoughts that may happen after experiencing sexual abuse and assault, as well as ways to cope with those thoughts.

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Be Safe: General Prevention Resources

These resources, part of the Be Safe resource collection focused on preventing sexual abuse and assault and supporting individuals who may have experienced sexual abuse or assault, contains general information about how to prevent sexual abuse or assault. Topics include identifying and reporting abuse in children, signs of abuse, risk and protective factors, educating about abuse, why abuse isn't always reported and pathways to victimization.

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Be Safe: Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships Social Story

This resource, part of the Be Safe resource collection, is a social story that explains some of the differences in a healthy relationship compared to an unhealthy relationship.

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