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PATC 2022: Call for Provider Presentation Proposals

Theory to Practice: Real World Applications of PBS Strategies

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) is requesting proposals that focus on the lived experience of professionals who provide support for individuals on the autism spectrum to present at the 2022 Pennsylvania Autism Training Conference: #PATCImplement2022.

We will be highlighting the concept of implementing Positive Behavioral Support (PBS) practices. We want to give you the opportunity to share your PBS experiences, challenges, and successes.

For the purposes of the presentations, please reference the following definition of PBS:

Positive behavioral support (PBS) is an approach to serving people and their supporters by combining the principles of applied behavior analysis, implementation science, and other best practices. PBS is characterized by a commitment to collaboration and shared decision making based on objective information. Interventions are designed on a thorough understanding of the person and environmental influences affecting behavior. Plans are proactive, educative, and functional and focused not just on behavior change, but also on improvements in quality of life.”

Proposal Due Date: September 26, 2022


  • 15 Minute Presentation
  • Slide Outline (8 Slides Maximum)
    • 1 title slide
    • 1 introduction slide (Provider name, service, programs enrolled)
    • 1 problem/challenge slide (What’s the need that linked to identifying this practice?
      What is the benefit to individuals?)
    • 3 (max) action slides (What’d you do/try? What helped you be successful in
      implementation? What did you get rid of to make room for this practice?)
    • 1 implication slide (What’s the impact? How are your measuring successes? Are you
      collecting data? How do you know it’s working?)
    • 1 next steps slide (How could others implement this practice?)


  • What PBS practices have you/your agency implemented? (e.g., protocols for “catching
    people doing the right thing,” data collection systems that highlight staff’s proactive
    efforts in support, practices that focus on quality of life things like relationships)
  • How does PBS benefit the people you support?
  • How are you measuring successes of your PBS practices?
  • How could other agencies replicate your PBS practices?

Submit your presentation proposal at this link:


  • If you have any questions, please contact: info@paautism.org

Proposals will be reviewed and selected by a committee designated by ODP. We are grateful to presenters who volunteer to share their expertise and experiences with their colleagues. Thank you for your interest, time, and effort!

Print the Flyer Here: 2022 PATC Call for Provider Stories