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PA Autism Census

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) refers to a complex, neurodevelopmental disorder with a broad range of patterns of behavior and difficulties with social communication and interaction. The term “spectrum” refers to the wide range of symptoms, skills, and levels of disability in functioning that can occur in individuals with autism.

How many people with Autism Spectrum Disorder live in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is among the only states with an administrative census initiative that counts individuals who are the spectrum receiving services from multiple systems. Using data from 2011, the Pennsylvania Autism Census Project found more than 55,000 individuals on the spectrum across the state. When we apply the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder established by the CDC Autism and Developmental Disability Monitoring Network (ADDM) in 2010, there may be more than 185,000 people on the spectrum in Pennsylvania.

To learn more about autism spectrum disorder prevalence by county from both the Pennsylvania Autism Census and the CDC, use the map below to select counties and compare them to the statewide average and see detailed county profiles.

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Pennsylvania Autism Census 2014 Update

The 2014 Pennsylvania Autism Census Update gathered data about how many children, adolescents, and adults with autism were receiving services in Pennsylvania in 2011, where in the state these individuals were living, and other demographic information.

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Pennsylvania Autism Census 2009 Report

This resource is the full report of the findings from the first Pennsylvania Autism Census completed by ASERT in 2005.

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Autism Prevalence

Recent press and media reporting has focused on the increasing autism prevalence in the United States. This resource provides information on the rising prevalence rates for autism, and an explanation of factors that impact prevalence rates.

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