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Active Shooter Social Story

Run, Hide, and Fight

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Sometimes violence happens in communities. It is important to know what do in case there is an active shooter near you.

One person holding a gun and another running away

If there is a shooting, run and escape to safety if you can. Leave all your belongings behind.

Person behind closed door and phone displaying

Once you are safe, call 911. Describe the shooter, location, and weapon.

Person covering their head hiding under a table

If you are unable to run, you should hide from the shooter. Stay very quiet and silence your phone.

Door with an arrow pointing to the lock and closed blinds

Lock doors, close blinds, and turn off lights to keep hidden from the shooter. Text police to tell them about the situation if you can.

One person with a gun and another person fighting back

If you are unable to run or hide, then you should fight the shooter. This is a last resort.

Person throwing an object

Act aggressive and throw things at the shooter to distract or hurt them.

A police officer standing next to someone with their hands up

Once the police arrive, follow their directions. Make sure that they can see your hands.

Person standing pointing at themselves with a smile

Remember to always help yourself before your help others around you.

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