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Activity and Event Ideas for Autism Support Groups

For Individuals Ages 17+

Starting a support group can be tough work. From organizing meetings, to finding a location and planning activities, there are lots of things to consider. This resource, developed with input from young adults on the spectrum, provides suggestions and ideas on activities and events for people who run support groups for young adults with autism.

    • Movies
    • Local Fairs and Festivals
    • Mini-golf
    • Amusement parks
    • Picnic at local park
    • Arcades/fun centers
    • Sporting events
    • Factory tours
    • Comedy clubs
    • Museums/battlefields
    • Shopping
    • Dinner at a restaurant

There are many factors to consider when planning and choosing activities.
Below are some considerations shared by young adults on the spectrum:

    • Overall cost
    • Transportation limitations
    • Sensory needs
    • Accommodations
    • Allowing support staff or family

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This information was developed by the Autism Services, Education, Resources, and Training Collaborative (ASERT). For more information, please contact ASERT at 877-231-4244 or info@PAautism.org. ASERT is funded by the Bureau of Supports for Autism and Special Populations, PA Department of Human Services.