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Interactive Autism Network

Information on adults with autism


The Interactive Autism Network (IAN) is a partnership with the Kennedy Krieger Institute and this website provides a variety of resources and information related to autism in adulthood.

young woman working in a gift box storeThis webpage from the Interactive Autism Network (IAN) focuses on what happens when someone with autism leaves school and makes the transition to adult services, college, work, job training or  new living situations. There are a variety of articles on topics from transitioning out of high school, family and personal relationships, housing, and jobs. IAN is a partnership with the Kennedy Krieger Institute whose goal is to facilitate research that will lead to advancements in understanding and treating autism spectrum disorder.

This webpage includes information on:

    • Life beyond high school
    • Jobs and housing for adults with ASD
    • Health care for adults with Autism
    • Family and personal relationships
    • Autism in middle age and beyond
    • Adult autism research

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