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Autism Treatment Network Blood Draw Toolkit

Parent's guide to blood draws

A doctor giving a patient a vaccineThis toolkit provides a variety of tools to help prepare for future medical visits and reduce the stress and worry that may come with blood draws. Inside, you will find strategies easing your child’s medical appointments, particularly those involving blood work. The kit’s resources include ready-made visual supports, social stories, relaxation and distraction techniques, and tips designed specifically for children with ASD. Although “Taking the Work Out of Blood Work” focuses on phlebotomy, the information and techniques presented here also apply to other aspects of a clinic visit, such as measuring vital signs, undergoing physical exams and tolerating those inevitable wait times.

A medical provider version of this toolkit is also available. Send a copy to your child’s doctor or nurse prior to the medical visit so you can work together to insure a successful visit. A little preparation can promote a positive relationship between your child and his or her doctor and lay an important foundation for future health!

The Took Kit includes:

    • Strategies to ease your child’s medical appointments, particularly those involving blood work
    • Ready-made visual supports and social stories
    • Relaxation and distraction techniques
    • Tips designed specifically for children with ASD

Additional information on:

    • Measuring vital signs
    • Undergoing physical exams
    • Tolerating those inevitable wait times

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