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Be Safe: Coping with Abuse Social Story


This resource, part of the Be Safe resource collection, provides tips and suggestions for individuals with autism on how they can cope with the feelings they may experience if they have been abused.

A frowning boy stands in the center of the image.

Sometimes I may have feelings like being sad, scared, lonely, mad, or afraid of the person who hurt me.

A boy stands with a heart, question mark, and angry face above his head.

I may also feel love or anger at the person who hurt me. I may feel confused.

A stack of books, computer, paint palette, and notebook and pencil are shown.

There a lot of ways I can try to feel better.

A smiling boy wears headphones with a music note next to his head.

I can listen to music.

The physical activities of playing soccer, weightlifting, and biking are shown.

I can exercise by running, jumping or riding a bike.

A boy counts to 10 out loud in the center of the image.

I can slowly count to 10and take deep breaths.

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