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Be Safe: Home Safety Social Story


This resource, part of the Be Safe resource collection, is a social story explaining ways to stay safe when at home.

Two people stand outside a house near a woman.

Knowing the people in your neighborhood or building where you live can help keep you safe.

A cartoon of a house is shown next to a symbol of a lock in the center of the image.

Lock all doors and windows at night and when you leave.

A woman says,

Don’t tell strangers when you will be away or where you keep your spare keys.

A house with closed blinds is shown in the center of the image.

Close the curtains or blinds for privacy when you change your clothes or use the bathroom.

A smoke alarm, alarm system, and stairs with a hand rail are shown.

Make sure smoke alarms, hand rails,safety bars, and alarms work.

A cartoon of a police station and a cell phone with the words

Make a safety plan with who to call,where to go, or what to do in case of an emergency.

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