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Be Safe: Recognizing Negative Emotions Social Story


This resource, part of the Be Safe collection, is a social story that helps explain different negative emotions people may feel, and how you can recognize those emotions.

A girl sits in the center of the image with tears coming out of her eyes.

When I am sad, I might feel like crying

A scared woman crouches near a chair with her mouth open.

When I am scared, I might want to hide.

A worried woman looks at an angry man with a red face.

When I am worried, I might think something bad will happen

Two men with red faces and open mouths stand next to each other. One man has his arms raised and smoke coming out of his ears.

When I am angry, I might want to yell, hurt people, or break things.

A man says to a woman who is upset,

I should practice telling people how I feel.

A woman says to a man,

I should practice staying calm when I feel sad, scared, or angry.

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