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Be Safe: Using a Urinal Social Story


This resource, part of the Be Safe resource collection, is a social story that explains some of the unspoken social rules around using a urinal in a men's bathroom.

Three urinals not in use are shown on the bathroom wall.

Sometimes bathrooms have urinals.

A man is shown from the back looking at a urinal in the bathroom.

Urinals are only for peeing.

Two men approach a set of three urinals in the bathroom and move toward the far left and far right urinals.

Other people want space when they are using a urinal.

Two men are shown from the back using urinals with an unused urinal in between them.

If there is more than one urinal,I should not use one that is next to someone else.

A man approaches the middle urinal that is not in use between two men using urinals on either side.

If there are not extra urinals,it is okay to use one next to someone else.

Three men are shown from the back using urinals while looking at the wall.

I should not talk to other people when I am using the urinal.

Man uses urinal with back of his pants pulled down and text

When I use a urinal, I should only pull the front of my pants down.

A man stands facing a urinal with his pants pulled all the way down. Above him are the words

I should not pull my pants the whole way down.

A man stands in a bathroom between two urinals after pulling up his pants.

When I am done peeing, I should pull my pants up before I walkaway from the urinal

Two urinals shown with blue discs that help them smell better. Red arrows point out the discs at the bottom of the urinals.

Sometimes urinals have things in them to make them smell better.

A man stands in the center of the bathroom, being careful not to touch the urinal with his hands.

I should not touch anything in the urinal or in the bathroom.

A man washes his hands in the sink next to the urinal.

I should wash my hands with soap and water before I leave the bathroom.

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