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COVID Booster Shots, Masks and Testing Social Story

A calendar with dates checked off beside a syringe, and a syringe with a check mark

I had two doses of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or one dose of Johnson and Johnson to protect me against COVID-19.

A doctor giving a patient a vaccine

Now scientists recommend extra booster doses of vaccine to protect me even more.

A female researcher looking through a microscope

Scientists will keep doing research and I might need another booster dose in the future.

A woman putting on a face mask

Rules about wearing a mask are also changing.

A woman wearing a face mask is being buying groceries. A store clerk is behind a register wearing a face mask

Many places don't require a mask but if I feel more comfortable wearing one, I can.

A man with a briefcase is visiting an older woman with a girl. All three are wearing face masks

If I am visiting someone in their home, I can ask them if they want me to wear a mask.

A doctor performing a COVID-19 test on a patient. The doctor is wearing a face mask and shield.

I should also get tested for COVID-19 if I think I am getting sick.

A vial labelled 'COVID-19 Test Kit'

I can use a home test to do it myself or I can go somewhere like a pharmacy or testing site that will test me.

A computer monitor with text saying 'Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).'

If I have questions, I can talk to my doctor or look at the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) website.

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