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Checklist for Symptoms of COVID-19

Use the list below to check yourself for symptoms of COVID-19. If you check any of the boxes, share this information with a family member, support staff, or your doctor.

I have a fever.

      • I feel hot all over.
      • I feel like I am on fire.
      • When I touch my head or face it feels warm.
      • The thermometer says 100.4 or more.

I have shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.

      • I feel like I can’t get enough air.
      • It is hard to breath in air.
      • I feel like I have to breath faster.
      • My chest feels tight like a belt is around it.
      • I feel like I have been running a long time.
      • My chest hurts- it feels like something is pushing on it.

I have a cough.

      • It feels like something is tickling my throat.
      • I can’t stop the tickle.
      • I can’t stop coughing.
      • When I cough, I get mucous/stuff up in my mouth.

I have a sore throat.

      • My throat hurts when I swallow.
      • The front of my neck hurts.
      • I have a scratchy feeling in my throat.
      • I feel like I can’t swallow.

I have chills or I can’t stop shaking.

      • I feel very cold.
      • My body keeps shaking.

I have muscle aches and pains (headache).

      • My head hurts in the front, back or all over.
      • My head feels like someone is squeezing it.
      • My head feels like a drum pounding.
      • My body feels stiff.
      • My body aches.
      • My Body hurts worse when I move.

I lost my taste and/or smell.

      • I can’t smell anything.
      • I can’t taste my food.

The color of my toes is different.

      • My toes look dark pink or purple.

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