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Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion: General Inclusion


These resources focus on information related to definitions, justifications, theories, life domains, and/or research-based fundamentals of the community inclusion approach to community mental health care. Resources relevant to specific populations – those in the LBGTQI community, or older adults, etc. – are also addressed in this section. Readers can use these materials to broaden their own understanding of the field, as the basis for consumer and/or staff educational programs, or refer to these documents in program or funding proposals.

This webpage includes the following resources:

  • Jump-Starting Community Inclusion: A Toolkit for Promoting Participation in Community Life
  • Well Together – A Blueprint for Community Inclusion: Fundamental Concepts, Theoretical Frameworks and Evidence
  • Building An Online Presence: Using Online Media to Promote Community Inclusion
  • Using Social Media to Enhance Community Participation
  • A Report from the 2017 Summer Institute on Community Inclusion
  • Behavioral Health Managed Care Entities: Important Partnerships in Promoting Community Inclusion
  • Community Participation and Inclusion: Shifting Perspectives on Quality Measures
  • The County Mental Health Administrators’ Toolkit for Promoting Community Inclusion
  • Cultural Competence in Mental Health
  • Funding the Future: Managing your Money and Building Your Assets
  • Increasing the Community Presence and Participation of People with MH and DD Disabilities
    Into the Thick of Things: Connecting Consumers to Community Life
  • Managing Risk in Community Inclusion: Promoting the Dignity of Risk and Personal Choice
  • 2012 Future Research Recommendations
  • NYAPRS 5th Annual Executive Seminar on Systems Transformation: Presentation Summaries
  • Philadelphia DBH/MRS Tools for Transformation: Community Integration
  • Pioneer Center Report
  • Serving Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities in Centers for Independent Living
  • Specific Strategies to Help Make Community Integration a Reality
  • What is Community Integration?
  • The Collaborative Interim Report: Responses to Presentations and Website Resources

Resources for specific populations:

  • A Mental Health Recovery and Community Integration Guide for GLBTQI Individuals: What You Need to Know.
  • GLBTQI Mental Health: Recommendations for Policies and Services
  • Access to and Inclusion in Behavioral Health Services for GLBTQI Consumers
  • Recreation and Leisure for Older Adults with Psychiatric Disabilities
  • Self- Advocacy for Older Adults: Information and Resources

Videos include:

  • Jump Starting Community Inclusion
  • What are Environments?

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