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How to Find Someone to Date


When you want to start dating, it can be difficult to know exactly where to find people to date. This resource shares tips and ideas on the most common places to find someone to date.

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At school, you are surrounded by people the same age as you, which is typically ideal for dating.

Most likely there are people who share some of the same interests as you, and sharing interests is a good first step in the dating process. People at school will often also be around the same age as you, something else that helps when finding someone to date. Talk with people in your classes or explore clubs offered at school to meet people and make friends.


Most jobs offer opportunities to talk and spend time with coworkers during the day.

Take the opportunity to talk with coworkers during breaks to make friends and find shared interests. Many companies approve of coworkers dating each other, while others don’t so it’s important to understand company policies. Dating between a supervisor/boss/manager and an employee is usually frowned upon.

Family and Friends

Family and close friends can help you connect with other people.

Maybe your sister has a coworker who likes the same type of music, or your cousin goes to school with someone who loves comics as much as you. Family and friends often know people you’ve never met and can be a great way to meet new people.

Religious Services

Places of worship are great places to meet people because you likely share the same values and morals.

Shared values and morals are essential in a successful relationship because they dictate how you want to live your life and spend your time. Places of worship offer many different social opportunities as well.

Social Groups or Clubs

Group activities are a good way to meet new people with similar interests and are usually less stressful than one-on-one situations.

They also provide an opportunity to observe social interactions between other people. One way to find groups in your area is to check out MeetUp.com, an online platform for social groups centered around activities and hobbies. Local libraries, restaurants and other local businesses host many different types of events. Karaoke, paint nights, trivia and game nights are just some of the things you may be able to find. For more ideas on finding social events visit www.ASDNext.org and check out the social calendar.


Online dating can make it easier to get to know someone before meeting them in person if you're not as comfortable with face-to-face interactions.

You can usually find out a persons likes and dislikes from their profile and makes it easier to find someone who shares similar interests before you even communicate with them. Online communication also lets you think through what you’re going to say. While there are many benefits to online dating, it is important to be cautious when meeting someone for the first time in person or sharing private information. For tips and information on staying safe online, check out this resource on Cyber Safety.

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