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Dub-C Autism Program

West Chester University


West Chester University is proud to introduce the Dub-C Autism Program (D-CAP).

White on black graphic of a cap and diploma. DCAP is a program for:

    • Increasing social opportunities on and off campus
    • Meeting others on campus with ASD
    • A safe environment to discuss experiences, ask questions, and better understand the changes of lifestyle/education/social interactions when going to college.
    • Increasing functional, independent adult living skills
    • DCAP room is available outside of group meetings to hand up, meet up with others, and have a place to go between classes.

Services included:

    • Individualized skill building sessions in areas of: social, independent living, safety, and stress management.  Identify and meet individualized goals via evidence based practices.
    • Group sessions: to discuss various topics to navigate the college lifestyle.  A perfect way to meet others on the autism spectrum and build relationships as well as networking with others.

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