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Booklet: A Family's Introduction to Early Intervention in Pennsylvania


This booklet from PaTTAN explains how to request Early Intervention services, eligibility criteria, rights and responsibilities, individualized family service planning for ages birth to three, and individualized education planning for ages three to school age.

Young girl coloring in notebook.This booklet is broken down into the following sections:

    • Welcome
    • What is Early Intervention in Pennsylvania?
    • What are Early Intervention supports and services?
    • Who is eligible for Early Intervention services?
    • Where do I start?
    • IFSP–Individualized Family Service Plan
    • IEP–Individualized Education Program
    • Transitions for you and your child
    • What do you do if you are not satisfied with the Early Intervention services your child receives?
    • Where to go for more information
    • Appendix
      • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
      • Pennsylvania Act 212: Early Intervention Services Act of 1990
      • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
      • Understanding the Early Intervention data system

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