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Grounding: Social Story

Cartoon of an individual with smoke coming out of their ears, they are angry.

When I feel mad or upset, I can practice grounding.

Cartoon of a man with his hand on his chin, he is thinking.

When I use grounding I pay attention to the way things feel.

Cartoon of a woman sitting in a chair.

I can pay attention to the way my body feels on a seat.

Cartoon of a man sitting in a chair smiling.

I can pay attention to the way my feet feel on the ground.

Cartoon of a woman adjusting her hat.

I can pay attention to how my clothes feel against my body.

Cartoon of a man standing in the wind with it blowing his hair.

I can also practice grounding by paying attention to how the air and other things around me feel.

Cartoon of a worried woman who is thinking about flowers.

When I practice grounding it can help me pay attention to things other than the bad feelings.

Cartoon of a man with is hand in the shape of the

Grounding can help me to stay in my resilient zone, or OK zone.

Cartoon of a woman and a man high 5'ving each other.

When I can stay in my resilient or OK Zone I can keep working on my goals.

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