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Health Care Mentorship Program


A Health Care Mentorship Program has been developed to support people with Intellectual Disability (ID) to be more actively involved in taking control of their healthcare needs.

Purpose of the Program:

    • Each person involved in the mentorship program will work with a PCHC Nurse to design a support plan that includes education about their personal health issues. The mentor will work with the person to reach a level of comfort and understanding, helping the person toward more control of their healthcare.

What can your PCHC Health Care mentor do?

    • Explain preventive health care
    • Provide information on medical conditions
    • Explain diagnoses and how to prevent complications
    • Explain behavioral health diagnoses/symptoms
    • Explain medications and side effects
    • Aid in planning medical appointments
    • Assist in developing medical record keeping system
    • Answer questions about men’s health/women’s health
    • Assist with insurance issues
    • Talk about the importance of community safety
    • Discuss any concerns regarding health and wellness

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