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ICAN PLAY Leisure Manual

A step-by-step guide

Summer park outdoor activity vector illustration. Cartoon flat active people spend time in city park together, walking or playing with dog, have fun and do sport workout exercises isolated on whiteA step-by-step guide to supporting individuals in participating in exercise and recreational activities in their neighborhoods, building new relationships with the people they meet there.  The manual includes information related to the importance of leisure and lists free to low-cost opportunities available in Philadelphia. This booklet is intended to encourage readers to get involved with their leisure interests and start living their best life today. An active leisure lifestyle can enhance physical health and mental strength. It can enhance spiritual wellness and provide a sense of meaning. To access this resource click on the file below or use the link for Temple Collaborative on Community Inclusion to download.


Information Topics:

    • Information & Exercises
    • Support & Resources
    • Annual Philadelphia Events
    • Activities
    • Maps

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This resource created by Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion