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MAWD or Marketplace?

What Pennsylvanians with Disabilities Need to Know About Choosing Health Insurance Coverage


Choosing health insurance coverage that best meets one’s needs is important, especially for persons with significant health issues or disabilities. Pennsylvanians with serious health issues and persons with disabilities have several choices regarding health insurance. This publication will focus on two of those options: Medicaid and the Marketplace. Not every Pennsylvanian has a choice between Medicaid and the Marketplace. It only works for persons eligible for one category of Medicaid: Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities (MAWD). Today, people with serious health issues and persons with disabilities who are working or may be able to work, can choose between Marketplace health insurance and MAWD.

A young man and woman are meeting with a doctorThis publication explains each health care option and compares them in terms of cost, benefits covered, appeal options, provider network, and extra services such as transportation. It also answers several frequently asked questions.

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