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Crisis Services

ASERT does not offer crisis services through our Resource Center. If you or someone you love is experiencing mental health distress or thoughts of suicide please call or text 988 for support.

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Intellectual Disabilities

What is an Intellectual Disability?

infographic of a brain with scrambled thoughts.This fact sheet from the Center for Parent Information and Resources explains Intellectual Disabilities, including signs and symptoms as well as tips for interacting with someone who has an Intellectual Disability.

Information Topics:

    • Matthew’s Story
    • What is an Intellectual Disability?
    • What Causes an Intellectual Disability?
    • How Common are Intellectual Disabilities?
    • What are the Signs of Intellectual Disability?
    • How are Intellectual Disabilities Diagnosed?
    • Help for Babies and Toddlers
    • Help for School-Aged Children
    • Educational Considerations
    • Tips for Teachers
    • Tips for Parents
    • Organizations
    • References

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