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Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities (MAWD)

A Guide to Eligibility

Cartoon rendering of a hand holding a health shield below lungs, a clipboard, and a briefcase.Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities (also called “MAWD”) is a state health insurance program for individuals who have chronic health problems and are working. MAWD is often a good option for individuals who have too much income to qualify for other categories of Medical Assistance (MA) but who nonetheless need health insurance. MAWD provides comprehensive health insurance coverage and, compared to other MA programs, MAWD has high income and resource limits. It also has flexible work and disability requirements. This guide explains each MAWD eligibility requirement in depth, and tells you how to apply.

In addition to providing basic eligibility criteria, this guide answers the following frequently asked questions about MAWD:

    • How does the MAWD program define disability?
    • What is MAWD’s income limit?
    • Do I need to work a certain number of hours to qualify?
    • Can I work if I am getting Social Security Disability Insurance?
    • What is MAWD’s resource limit; what counts as a resource?
    • Do I need to pay a monthly premium for MAWD?
    • How Do I Apply?

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