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Mental Health Awareness Month Video Series

Cartoon rendering of a hand touching a computer screen displaying the play symbol.This video series is a collection of testimonials from our colleagues at SAU-1 for 2021’s Mental Health Awareness Month.

A person’s mental health is impacted by many factors. Some people seek therapy, medical intervention from a doctor, or other types of support in order to be mentally healthy. However there are also plenty of ways to benefit your mental health all on your own. Many people find physical activity, socializing or being creative to be helpful for their mental well-being. Watch the videos below to hear about the many different ways people across Pennsylvania stay mentally well throughout Mental Health Awareness Month and everyday!



Angie | Riding Dirt Bikes, New Adventures

Watch Angie’s video about the benefits of learning something new.

Click here for: Angie’s Video

Christine | Feeling Well in the Garden

Watch Christine’s video to hear about the benefits of outdoor activities.

Click here for: Christine’s Video

Derek | Self-Advocate, Living My Best Life

Watch Derek’s video to hear about the activities he likes to do to live his best life.

Click here for: Derek’s Video

Gretchen | Self-Advocate, Taking Care of Myself

Watch Gretchen’s video to hear how she has learned to keep herself healthy and well.

Click here for: Gretchen’s Video

Josh | Self-Advocate, Feeling Good My Way

Watch Josh’s video for examples of activities he does to feel good.

Click here for: Josh’s Video

Matt | Self-Advocate, Feeling Good About My Everyday Life

Watch Matt’s video to learn about steps he’s taking to gain independence and the activities he does, all to stay well.

Click here for: Matt’s Video

Renee | What I Do to Keep Mentally Well

Watch Renee’s video to learn about the tools and supports she uses to keep herself mentally well.

Click here for: Renee’s Video

Savannah | Healthy Living My Way

Watch Savannah’s video to hear about the steps she’s taken to live her healthy life.

Click here for: Savannah’s Video

Focusing on positive things in your surroundings, being active and having support are all parts of a positive well-being. If you are looking for additional support or resources on staying mentally well or would just like to learn more, check out some of our other resources below:

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