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Police Transport Social Story


This social story developed by ASERT shows what to expect when transported in a police car.

A police officer holds the arm of a handcuffed boy.

If I break the law, a police officer may arrest me.

A boy stands in the center of the image and says,

If I choose, I can tell the police officer I have autism. If I have a card that explains my autism, I can show it if I ask the police office first.

A boy faces away with his arms raised above his head while a police officer looks in his pockets.

The police officer may look in my pockets and the outside of my clothes for items that might hurt me or someone else.

A man who is a police officer holds the arm of a handcuffed boy and says,

The police officer may not allow me to go home on my own.

A police officer holds the arm of a boy outside a police car.

I may have to be placed in a police car.

A boy stands next to a police officer outside a police car with a police station in the background.

The police officer may take me to my home, the police station, or to the jail.

The lights on the top of a police car are shown with lines to represent sounds.

The police car will look different than other cars. It will have lights on top, a computer in the car, and a piece of clear plastic between the front and back seat.

A boy stands to the left of a police car.

The police car might smell different than other cars. Many people ride in the police car.

The lights on the top of a police car are shown.

The police car will sound different than other cars. There will be a police radio in the car that may be loud and sirens.

A boy is shown sitting in the back seat of a police car.

The police car will feel different than other cars. I will have to sit in the backseat. I may be handcuffed to keep me and others safe.

A boy in the back seat of a police car says to the officer driving,

I can ask the police officer to turn off the lights and turn the volume down on the radio and computer.

A police officer standing outside the car tells the boy inside,

I should get out of the police car only when the police officer says I can.

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This information was developed by the Autism Services, Education, Resources, and Training Collaborative (ASERT). For more information, please contact ASERT at 877-231-4244 or info@PAautism.org. ASERT is funded by the Bureau of Supports for Autism and Special Populations, PA Department of Human Services.