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Quarantine Social Story

A boy with a worried expression holding a thermometer.

Quarantine helps stop other people from getting sick.

A map showing all of the continents across the world is shown.

If I traveled to certain places or was around people who were sick, I may need to be in quarantine.

A doctor holding a stethoscope up to a boy's chest.

A trusted adult, family member, or my doctor can help me know if I need to be in quarantine.

A boy wearing a green hat, green scarf, and a mask over his nose and mouth is shown.

Being in quarantine doesn’t mean that I am sick.

A calendar is shown with 14 days marked with a line through them.

If I was around someone who was sick, it can take 14 days until I get sick.

A boy with a happy expression holding an apple in one hand a bowl in the other containing a banana and orange.

I may look healthy, but could make other people sick if I am around them.

A boy with a sad expression is standing away from two other men who are talking.

I may need to stay away from other people until I know if I will get sick or not.

A house.

This means I should stay home.

Two hands with soap.

I should wash my hands often and not share things like cups, towels, or utensils.

A boy with a sad expression is standing six feet apart from another man waving at him in front of a house.

I should stay 6 feet away from other people in my house.

A calendar showing the number fourteen.

Quarantine can last 14 days.

A doctor wearing a mask holding a thermometer into a boys mouth.

If I am not sick after 14 days my doctor will let me know what I can do.

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