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Resilient Zone: Social Story

Cartoon of boy with hand over his mouth, he is stressed but in control.

The Resilient or "OK" Zone is when I am able to manage my thoughts and feelings.

Cartoon of woman with hands up, she is confused.

I can have lots of thoughts and emotions when I am in my resilient zone.

Cartoon of an individual with smoke coming out of their ears, they are angry.

Sometimes I may have strong feelings that move me out of my resilient zone.

Cartoon of woman with confusion in her head.

When I am not in my resilient zone it can be hard for me to manage my thoughts and feelings.

Cartoon of a boy holding a clipboard smiling, a lightbulb above him shows he is having an idea.

I can learn skills to help build my resilience and make my resilient zone wider.

Graphic of a thumbs up sign over arrows showing a wider area.

The wider my resilient zone is the more I am able to cope with challenges.

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