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Resourcing: Social Story

Cartoon of a woman crying, tears are coming out of her eyes.

When I feel mad or upset, I can practice resourcing to help me feel better.

Cartoon of woman with eyes closed, she is stressed.

Resourcing uses people, places, things, and ideas to help me feel better.

Cartoon of a man and a woman, they are smiling and look welcoming.

Somebody who helps me feel calm could be a resource.

Cartoon of an island with palm trees, it looks relaxing.

A place that makes me feel happy could be a resource.

Cartoon of various activities, a dog , basketball, paints, board games and music.

Thinks I like could be resources.

Cartoon of a person thinking about a relaxing place.

If the resource I pick is too far away, I can practice resourcing by thinking about it.

Cartoon of woman thinking about a relaxing place, sun, palm trees and birds.

If I pay attention to the details of my resource it can help me feel even better.

I should pay attention to how my body feels when thinking about my resource.

Cartoon of a graph with a checkmark, the words

Thinking about my resource can help my body feel relaxed and help me stay in my resilient zone.

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