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Riding the School Bus Social Story

A school and a school bus.

When I go to school, I will ride on the school bus.

A school bus, a stop sign, and a boy and a girl.

The bus will stop to pick up other people too.


When people sit down, the bus will start moving again.

A traffic light, a stop sign, and a school bus.

When the bus gets to a red light or stop sign, it will stop again.

A traffic light, a

When the light turns green and the bus is safe to go, it will start moving again.

Three children with speech bubbles and music notes.

Sometimes it can be noisy on the bus.

A boy wearing a backpack and headphones.

If it is too loud, I can put on headphones to protect my ears.

A boy with an angry facial expression.

If I feel mad, worried, or upset, I can practice being calm.

A cell phone.

I can use my phone or iPad to stay calm.

A boy taking deep breaths.

I can take deep breaths and think about things that make me happy.

One boy saying

I can talk to other people on the bus.

A boy in front of a school bus and a school.

When it is my turn, I will take my things and get off of the bus.

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