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Social Skills Resources for Individuals with Autism

Teaching Social Skills

Spotlight On: Social Skills for Individuals with Autism

These resources, developed by ASERT, are based on information and lessons learned from the ASERT Adolescent and Adult Multimedia Social Skills Groups.

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Conversation How-To Guides

These resources, developed by ASERT, provide practical tips for individuals with autism who want to know more about starting conversations with new people.

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Workplace Social Skills

Getting Feedback at Work

In every job, you will be given feedback about your performance, both positive and negative. The reason for feedback at work is to help you learn what you are doing well at your job, as well as what areas you need to improve. It can be stressful to hear feedback about yourself, especially the negatives, but it is important in learning about yourself as a worker. This resource provides some tips to help you deal with negative feedback at work.

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Workplace Relationships

While you may be thinking that the only important part of a job is doing the job itself, the relationships you have with coworkers are also very important. You will likely spend a lot of time with coworkers, so understanding how to interact with them is a necessary skill to learn. Below are some questions and answers you may have about workplace relationships.

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Social Skills for Dating

Dating Resources for Individuals with Autism

These resources provide information and tips for individuals with autism on topics related to dating.

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Social Events and Meeting New People

Social Events & Meeting People Resource Collection

This is a bundle of resources aimed at helping individuals with autism prepare for social events and how to navigate meeting new people.

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