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Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion: Public Policy


Papers that explore the implications of the Olmstead Act, federal rules and regulations with regard to community participation in work and educational settings, and guidebooks for both state and county administrators with regard to promoting community inclusion locally.

This webpage includes the following resources:

  • Supporting Students: A Model Policy for Colleges and Universities
  • Promoting Supportive Academic Environments for Faculty with Mental Illnesses: Resource Guide and Suggestions for Practice
  • Behavioral Health Managed Care Entities: Important Partnerships in Promoting Community Inclusion
  • Community Participation and Inclusion: Shifting Perspectives on Quality Measures
  • What is the Olmstead Decision & How does it Affect Me?
  • If I Have a Psychiatric Disability, Will Health Reform Help Me?
  • Will Health Care Reform Affect Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities?
  • Pioneer Center Report
  • NYAPRS 5th Annual Executive Seminar on Systems Transformation: Presentation Summaries


  • Community Inclusion Policy Development Webinar
  • Jump Starting Community Inclusion
  • 25th Anniversary of the Closing of Byberry Institution


  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Olmstead vs. L.C.

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