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Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion: Relationships


A wide range of materials, training guides, and research reports on the importance of sustained family, friendship, and romantic relationships, as well as a training manual to help community mental health personnel talk more effectively with consumers about their sexual relationships.

This webpage includes the following resources:

  • Sexuality and Intimacy Toolkit
  • Family Leisure Calendar
  • Community Inclusion from the Perspective of Caregivers
  • Addressing Sexuality and Intimacy Interests
  • Family Leisure Toolkit
  • Enhancing Family Leisure Fact-sheet: Consumer
  • Enhancing Family Leisure Fact-sheet: Provider
  • Make Time for fun: Enjoy Activities with Loved Ones
  • Date Nights: Things to do with the Ones You Love
  • Addressing the Intimacy Interests of People with Mental Health Conditions: Acknowledging Consumer Desires, Provider Discomforts, and System Denial
  • Promoting Consumer Community Integration: For Family Members and Supporters
  • Intimate Relationships
  • Natural Supports: Developing a Personal Support System
  • Circles of Support: Brochure


  • Sexuality and Intimacy with Dr. Julie Tennille

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