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Getting Tested for COVID-19 Social Story


This resource, developed by ASERT, provides a visual guide for what to expect if someone needs to be tested for COVID-19. An animated version is also available.

A worried-looking woman stands in the center of the image.

If you feel sick you should call your doctor to see if you should get tested for COVID-19.

Two hands hold a thermometer with a reading of 103.2 and a cell phone.

If you do not have a doctor, call 877-PA-HEALTH.

A woman holds a cell phone up to her ear.

Your doctor will ask you about how you are feeling over the phone.

A cell phone with an image of a doctor.

They may talk with you on a regular phone call or a video call like FaceTime or Skype. This is called telehealth.

A building alongside a road.

If the doctor thinks you should get tested for COVID-19, they will tell you to go to a place near your house.

A cartoon rendering of a hospital.

This could be a hospital, doctor’s office, or drive-thru testing location.

A man stands between two women.

Not everyone will get tested for COVID-19. It will depend on how you are feeling, if you have traveled, or if you have been around someone who has COVID-19.

A cell phone with the words

You will be given directions about what to do when you get to a testing location.

A woman holds a cell phone next to the words

You have to call when you get there and find out how they want you to get tested.

A red car in line behind a green car.

You may need to wait in your car until it’s your turn.

The front of a red car.

You may be tested while sitting in your car.

An analog clock.

Testing places may be busy, it could take a long time.

A healthcare worker wearing a protective suit stands beside a woman in a red car.

The nurse or doctor will probably wear a mask, goggles, gloves, and a protective suit. This is to keep everyone safe.

A healthcare worker wearing a protective suit says to a woman in a red car,

The nurse or doctor will ask you questions about how you are feeling.

A healthcare worker wearing a protective suit says to a woman in a red car,

The nurse or doctor will take your temperature.

A hand holding a thermometer next to a purple question mark.

If you do not have a fever, they may not test you.

A cartoon nose above a cotton swab and test tube labeled COVID-19.

They will take long cotton swab and put it up your nose for 15 seconds and move it around a few times.

A woman shown coughing from the side.

This may hurt or feel uncomfortable. You may feel like you have to cough or sneeze and that’s okay.

A woman stands while a gloved hand reaches toward her.

It is important to stay still and let them do their job.

A woman is shown below two music notes.

You can sing a song in your head for 15 seconds to pass the time (like singing “Happy Birthday” two times).

A cartoon rendering of a calendar.

It may take up to a week to get your test results back. This time may be different based on where you get tested.

A woman wearing a mask.

You should continue to practice social/physical distancing and stay home to keep others from getting sick.

A woman relaxing on a couch.

If you get a positive COVID-19 test, you will have to stay home and rest while you get better.

A woman looking out a window.

If you get a negative COVID-19 test, you should still stay home and practice social/physical distancing to keep everyone safe.

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This information was developed by the Autism Services, Education, Resources, and Training Collaborative (ASERT). For more information, please contact ASERT at 877-231-4244 or info@PAautism.org. ASERT is funded by the Bureau of Supports for Autism and Special Populations, PA Department of Human Services.