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Transportation Management Association of Chester County

The Ride for Health Initiative

This is a last chance program for those with no car, no friend with a car, no access to paratransit, and the inability to use or great difficulty in using public transit.

The way the program currently works is that local health and human service agencies determine client eligibility and schedule rides. The Pottstown Cab Company provides rides at a somewhat lower than market rate. TMACC maintains program and fiscal oversight, including reimbursing the cab company. Ongoing funding is provided by the PCHF. A constantly-updated client user manual answers questions related to how the program works. Specifically, it addresses issues related to eligibility, destinations, no-shows, cancellations, family access and partner agencies. Over the course of its six-year operation, RFHI has gone from a pilot project providing only five rides per month to a mature and responsive program annually providing over 1000 rides per year throughout the Phoenixville area. The current agency partner list has grown from 4 to 14 agencies. Interest in the program is driven not only by the significant need by also by the added benefit that both the agency and the client receive rides at no cost. For today’s cash-strapped non-profit agencies, this benefit cannot be overlooked.

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