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Trauma and Sleep Problems: Social Story

Cartoon of a woman sitting in bed, there are clouds around her. She is feeling bad.

If something bad happens to me, I might have trouble sleeping.

Cartoon of a boy in bed trying to sleep, he is having a nightmare, he is feeling scared.

Sometimes I might have nightmares or bad dreams.

Cartoon of a woman at work or school, she looks very tiered.

I might start to feel really tired all of the time.

Cartoon of a boy looking sad and tired, there is an icon of a battery running out of energy.

I might not have a lot of energy even after I sleep.

Cartoon of two people sitting in chairs and talking.

I can talk to someone I trust about how I have been feeling.

Cartoon of a woman talking with her Doctor, they both look happy.

I can talk to my doctor about ways to get better sleep.

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