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Pennsylvania Yellow Dot & Pennsylvania Online Emergency Contact Information Programs

Emergency Care

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation now offers two programs that may be of interest to individuals with autism, their family members, and provders that support them.

The Pennsylvania Yellow Dot Program is a joint effort between the PA Departments of Transportation, Health and Aging, the Pennsylvania State Police, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, First Responders and local law enforcement.

Individuals participating in the program are mailed a packet including a yellow dot decal and a profile sheet. The yellow decal is placed in a vehicle’s rear window to alert first responders that information about the vehicle’s driver and/or passenger(s) can be found in the glove box. Participants are asked to complete the profile sheet which includes the participant’s name, contact information, emergency contact information, medical history and medications, allergies and the participant’s doctor’s names. A photo of the individual (head and shoulders) is then taped to the profile sheet and placed in the Yellow Dot program folder in the glove box of the car. This enables first responders to have vital information in emergency situations where the driver or passenger is unable to speak for themselves.

Pennsylvania also offers anyone with a valid PA driver’s license or state-issued identity card the opportunity to place their emergency contact information online in a secure database. The database is accessible only to law enforcement and is a resource that is used in emergency situations where the individual cannot speak for themselves.

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