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The Arc of Mercer County: Self Advocacy Group

Hosted by The Arc of Mercer County

Last Wednesday of every month at MCAR from 2:30 pm to 3:15 pm

Since February of 2018, MCAR’s Self Advocacy Group has worked to provide its members with the tools and resources needed to successfully communicate questions, issues, and concerns they may have. At each meeting, you will share stories and discuss outlets for the members.

And to maintain a safe and welcoming environment, members created group guidelines: (1) One person speaks at a time (2) Raise your hand if you want to share something – all questions are good questions (3) Do not take anything personal and (4) Take care of yourself (members can walk out and take a break when they feel uncomfortable). They also created individual emergency contact lists to take home and keep in an accessible place.

Since 2018, the group has continued to grow in numbers and communication skills. The Self Advocacy Group is chaired by Ryan Maurice and Gail Martin and meets at MCAR the last Wednesday of every month.

Since 1952, The Arc of Mercer County has been the leading service provider in Mercer County for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They provide unparalleled opportunities in employment, vocational training and transitioning, housing, older adult care, family supports, and habilitation.


The Arc of Mercer County

850 North Hermitage Road
Hermitage, PA 16148