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Crisis Services

ASERT does not offer crisis services through our Resource Center. If you or someone you love is experiencing mental health distress or thoughts of suicide please call or text 988 for support.

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LVCIL School To Life

Hosted by Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living. 

Goals of the Program:

  • Learning independent living skills, advocacy, leadership, teamwork, and communication skills
  • Engaging in social and recreational activities with peers
  • Working together to learn self-advocacy and systems advocacy skills

Giving back.

S2L includes community involvement such as volunteer opportunities, Developing employment skills through facilitation of a micro-business, called T2L or TreatS2Love. This involves business planning, inventory control, production, marketing, and selling the products.

TreatS2Love is LVCIL’s S2L Micro-business Program where participants create and sell various types of recipe jars. This business allows us to fund the S2L program at no cost to families or consumers. TreatS2Love independently made by S2L

For more information, please email


phone: (610) 770-9781



713 North 13th Street
Allentown, PA 18102