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Crisis Services

ASERT does not offer crisis services through our Resource Center. If you or someone you love is experiencing mental health distress or thoughts of suicide please call or text 988 for support.

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Socializing on the Spectrum Philadelphia Area

Socializing on the Spectrum Philadelphia Area

This group hosts get-togethers and varied activities for young adults 18-29 with Asperger’s and other challenges. They meet regularly and have formed many friendships.

Parents are involved and support each other, but the young adults help create the activities and do things on their own. Socializing in homes, dining out, movies, dances, swim parties, gaming, hiking trips, and many other activities have been successful.

The group has been in existence for over three years and is thriving. They welcome new members and new ideas.

Request to join the group or send a message to Nancy via the Meetup website. 


  • Nancy Kleinberg