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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health and Safety Guide

ASERT has compiled resources for those with autism and those who care for people with autism relating to the current COVID-19 outbreak.

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Site: PAAutism

Dating Resources for Individuals with Autism

These resources provide information and tips for individuals with autism on topics related to dating.

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Dealing With Difficult Customers At Work

This page describes why learning how to deal with difficult customers is important and how you can deal with the stress that comes along with it.

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Department of Human Services (DHS)

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services’s seven program offices administer services that provide care and support to Pennsylvania's most vulnerable individuals and families.

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Developing a Budget

This resource provides information for individuals with autism on the importance of developing a budget and steps to create one for themselves.

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DHCD Housing Resource Guide

The Division of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) publishes the DHCD Housing Resource Guide that includes information on home ownership, rental assistance, emergency shelter, home repair, utility assistance, and other programs.

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Distance Learning Social Story

This resource, developed by ASERT, provides a visual explanation of distance learning, also known as online learning or cyber school. This resource has been translated into Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Arabic. An animated version is also available.

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Driving and Asperger’s: Balancing Independence and Safety

This video from Asperger/Autism Network reviews current knowledge on driving with Aspergers.

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Early Childhood Resource Collection

This collection of resources covers different topics related to early childhood including information on developmental milestones, signs of autism, early intervention services, and resources for families of young children who were recently diagnosed with autism.

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Employment in PA

This resource shares employment data from the 2011and 2018 Pennsylvania Autism Needs Assessments, which were conducted by the Autism, Services, Education, Resources, and Training Collaborative (ASERT) Eastern Region.

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Employment Information for Employers

Below is information on employment that we hope potential employers will find useful when interacting with their employees!

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