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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health and Safety Guide

ASERT has compiled resources for those with autism and those who care for people with autism relating to the current COVID-19 outbreak.

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Site: PAAutism

Transitioning Your Teen to Adulthood

While parents of teens with autism face many uncertainties as their teen grows and matures, one of their biggest concerns is how the teen will transition into adulthood. Good planning that starts early and is individualized can make a big difference. There are five keys to a successful transition.

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Transitioning Youth With Mental Health Needs to Meaningful Employment & Independent Living

This resource focuses on the role of skills development, work, and career exploration in helping youth with mental illness transition to meaningful employment and independent living.

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Transportation Management Association of Chester County

For the last six years, the Transportation Management Association of Chester County (TMACC) has partnered with the Phoenixville Community Health Foundation (PCHF) and the Pottstown Cab Company to manage the Ride for Health Initiative (RFHI).

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Trauma and Coping

This resource, developed by ASERT, provides information for direct support professionals working with individuals who have autism on understanding what trauma is, identifying triggers, and learning strategies to help them support individuals who may have experienced trauma.

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Understanding Autism Evaluations

This resource, developed by ASERT, provides information for parents and families on the process of getting an autism evaluation, how to read and understand the evaluation report, as well as common assessment tools that may be included in the evaluation.

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Understanding Credit Cards

A credit card is a way to pay for things by borrowing money from a credit card company. It is a way to buy something now, but pay for it later.

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Understanding Self-Advocacy

This fact sheet from the Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network (PaTTAN) provides guidance for parents on how to discuss self-advocacy with their child, as well as resources for understanding self-advocacy. Also available in Spanish.

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Urinalysis Social Story

This resource developed by ASERT provides a visual explanation of what to expect if you have to give a urine sample as part of being on probation or parole. This resource is part of the larger collection of resources about the Justice System.

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Using Visual Schedules Social Story

This resource provides a visual guide for individuals with autism about using visual schedules to help plan activities and develop a routine.

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Video Resume How-to Resources

This resource provides tips on creating a successful video resume.

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