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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health and Safety Guide

ASERT has compiled resources for those with autism and those who care for people with autism relating to the current COVID-19 outbreak.

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Individuals with Autism

Among ASERT’s thousands of resources are those specifically designed for individuals with autism. Here you will find a virtual network of support to make navigating life on the spectrum as seamless as possible.

We’ve highlighted some of our top resources below, or feel free to browse through all of the resources for individuals with autism!

Medicaid Waivers for Individuals with Autism

This page is about Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Waivers in Pennsylvania. HCBS Waivers are a type of Medicaid program that provides long-term services and supports to groups of people who need support to live in their communities.

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Social Story Resource Collection

Social stories can be a helpful tool for individuals to prepare for and understand different situations, such as going to the library, following the rules of the justice system, or determining when to call 911. This bundle is a collection of social stories developed by ASERT and other professionals.

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Employment Resource Collection

This is a collection of resources focused on employment, aimed at helping individuals with autism find, and keep jobs.

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Starting an Autism Support/Self-Advocacy Group

Support/Advocacy groups are a great way to learn from others’ experiences, discover local resources, and stay informed about things that are happening in your community. There are lots of different kinds of support/advocacy groups that meet different needs. If you are interested in starting a support or self-advocacy group, the information below will give you some guidance.

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State Employment Leadership Network

State Employment Leadership Network website provides updates on the Pennsylvania’s Office of Developmental Programs 2017 Online webinars.

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Stay At Home Order Social Story

This resource provides a visual guide to what the stay at home order means. This resource has been translated into Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Burmese. It is also available as an animated video.

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Staying Connected at Home

This resource is for individuals with autism and intellectual disabilities on how to stay connected while staying at home during COVID-19.

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Students with Autism: Online Resources & Support

This website, part of the Student Training & Education in Public Service (STEPS) website, provides information and resources on education. This guide was developed by an individual with autism.

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Summer Safety During COVID

This resource provides tips and suggestions on staying safe while enjoying activities during the summer with COVID-19.

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Support Group Map

This resource provides a listing of known support groups across the state. Groups are organized by county, and cover groups for parents/caregivers, individuals, and family members.

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Supporting the Right to a Community Life

This is a guide to aid in the understanding of the Home and Community Based Settings (HCBS) Final Rule, which helps people with disabilities have the kinds of services they need in their communities.

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Supports Coordination Organizations

This resource provides an overview of what Supports Coordination Organizations (SCO's) are, the services they provide and what organizations are available by county across Pennsylvania.

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Take Charge Reproductive Health Guide

This resource looks at all the things that compose the environment for a person with a disability, and doesn’t look at health care as the elimination of disability.

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