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Parents and Caregivers

Raising a loved one with autism presents some unique challenges for those entrusted with their care. ASERT is here to support, inform, and empower parents and caregivers of individuals on the spectrum.

Check out some of our top resources highlighted below, or search through the hundreds of resources available for parents and caregivers!

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Resource Collection

This collection of resources provides information on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) including: an introduction to ABA, how you can tell if your child is receiving ABA services, what to consider when choosing a provider, information on insurance coverage for ABA services and more.

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Be Safe Resource Collection

This is a collection of resources from various sources on the topic of safety for individuals with autism. This resource provides information on how to prevent harm and intervention techniques for when safety is compromised.

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Medicaid Waivers for Individuals with Autism

This page is about Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Waivers in Pennsylvania. HCBS Waivers are a type of Medicaid program that provides long-term services and supports to groups of people who need support to live in their communities.

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Emergency Preparedness Shelter Toolkits

These trauma-informed sensory positive toolkits were developed in partnership with the PA Department of Human Services for the purpose of informing self-advocates, shelter staff/volunteers, families, caregivers, and Direct Support Professionals (DSP) on how to best support persons with sensory needs, including individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and/or Autism in a disaster shelter setting. These toolkits are available to download, print, and share.

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Autism Safety Tips in a Healthcare Setting

As the number of Pennsylvanians diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) continues to grow, healthcare facilities are seeing an increase in the number of these individuals seeking care. Negative interactions with the healthcare system and concerns about the quality of care provided to this population have been reported by individuals with ASD, their families and healthcare providers. The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority received 138 event reports involving patients with ASD from July 2004 through August 2014. Thirteen of the events were Serious Events and caused harm to the patient. Analysis of event report narratives revealed 12 patient safety concern themes involving patients with ASD. Know what you can do as an ASD patient or family member to improve care while using the healthcare system.

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Autism Speaks 100 Day Kit for School Age Children

The days after an autism diagnosis can be overwhelming. The Autism Speaks 100 Day Kit helps families of children make the best possible use of the 100 days following diagnosis.

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Autism Speaks Adult Services

Working to provide effective resources and services to help with challenges individuals, families, and professionals might face.

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Autism Speaks School Community Toolkit

This kit provides helpful information about students with autism to promote understanding and acceptance at school.

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Autism Speaks Toilet Training Toolkit

Oftentimes, the challenges faced by children with autism can make toilet training especially difficult. Understanding these challenges can help you come up with different ways to meet your child’s needs and teach him or her to use the toilet.

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Autism Speaks Transition Tool Kit

The Autism Speaks Transition Tool Kit will help guide you on the journey from adolescence to adulthood.

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Autism Speaks: 100 Day Kit for Young Children

This link will take you to a page where you can download a free toolkit explaining what parents need to begin learning about after their child's diagnosis of autism.

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Autism Speaks: Family Grants

Assistance for individuals and families regarding a variety of categories.

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Autism Speaks: Parent’s Guide to Employment for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Speaks has created a guide for parents to help them understand how they can support their adult child with autism through the employment process.

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Autism Spectrum Disorders: An Overview in Spanish Webinar

Learn more about autism spectrum disorders.

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