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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health and Safety Guide

ASERT has compiled resources for those with autism and those who care for people with autism relating to the current COVID-19 outbreak.

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Family Members

Whether it’s a sibling, grandparent, cousin, aunt, uncle or parent, it can be difficult to know how to properly support your family member on the spectrum. ASERT’s broad database of autism resources includes a variety of information helpful for family members.

Check out some of our top resources highlighted below, or search through the hundreds of resources available for family members!

The Spectrum of Communication

Communication permits us to advocate for our needs, develop relationships, and participate in our community. When supporting someone with Autism, the most important thing to keep in mind at all times is that speech does not equal communication.

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PA Family Network

The PA Family Network was created to support families and the major elements of the Community of Practice goals.

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Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance (PFSA)

Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance provides education, support, and training programs to make Pennsylvania safe for children.

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Search within Family Members resources

COVID Booster Shots, Masks and Testing Social Story

This social story developed by ASERT explains how the research and rules around COVID, shots, and masks have and will continue to change.

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COVID-19 Guidelines for In-Home Services

These resources from the Department of Education and Department of Human Services, offers guidelines for both families and providers on how to safely provide in-home services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19 Virtual Learning Supports

This collection of resources provides parents, caregivers and self-advocates information on virtual learning supports available to help students during COVID-19. Some resources are available statewide while others are specific to Philadelphia and other regions of Pennsylvania.

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COVID-19: How to Notify Your Contacts

This resource from the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, reviews the steps to notifying your contacts if you've been diagnosed with COVID-19.

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Creating a Daily Schedule: A Guide for Parents

This resource was developed by ASERT to help parents create a daily schedule with their family.

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Department of Human Services (DHS)

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services’s seven program offices administer services that provide care and support to Pennsylvania's most vulnerable individuals and families.

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Department of Labor

The FMLA entitles eligible employees of covered employers to take unpaid, job-protected leave for their own health or to care for a family member, including to care for the employee’s spouse, child, or parent who has a serious health condition.

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Discussing Concerns with Family Members

It is natural to be unsure of how to share your concerns with family members.

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Diversionary Programs: Justice System

This resource, developed by ASERT, provides an overview of what diversionary programs are, the goals of such programs, and examples of these programs in the justice system.

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Early Childhood Learning Centers and the ADA

This resource helps with understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act, or the ADA, in terms of Early Childhood Learning Centers.

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